Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Criminalization of life

Is there anything left to criminalize?
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- It would be a stretch to say that Big Brother will hang out in Clevelanders' trash cans, but the city plans to sort through curbside trash to make sure residents are recycling -- and fine them $100 if they don't.

The move is part of a high-tech collection system the city will roll out next year with new trash and recycling carts embedded with radio frequency identification chips and bar codes.

The chips will allow city workers to monitor how often residents roll carts to the curb for collection. If a chip show a recyclable cart hasn't been brought to the curb in weeks, a trash supervisor will sort through the trash for recyclables.

This is what a fourth amendment scholar thinks about it:
Ratted out by your trash container ... If you don't put the recycling bin out regularly, the trash police will seize your trash, analyze it for recyclables, and prosecute if you aren't recycling. Containers bought with stimulus money, no less. And, in some cities, police and teachers are being laid off, but, in Cleveland, they are hiring.


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