Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tradition and marriage and relationships

The traditional view of marriage, what normal decent people used to believe, never was about marriage, it was about relationships and gender social roles.

When I was a kid I recall overhearing many comments made by normal decent adults referring to a homosexual couple by wondering which was the "man" and which was the "woman" (I grew up in Austin which was always kind of commie, even before the Dixie Chicks). People simply couldn't accept that two people could have a loving, romantic relationship that didn't involve male and female gender roles.

Most normal decent adults have learned a little bit since the 1950's and now realize that not everything they always believed about gender roles is set in biological stone. Some of it, maybe, but not all of it.

The religious right just can't keep up. They insist that traditional male/female gender roles were set in stone by God and that all this nonsense from feminists and gays is coming straight from the mouth of the devil.

I wonder if Ann Coulter realizes that women writing political books isn't at all what God had in mind for women and that she's just being a Godless liberal.


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