Thursday, August 10, 2006

amazing incompetence

When I first started a site on the internet, long long ago, I had an affliate account with Amazon. One of the problems with it was that they only paid a commision on books that customers clicked to directly. If they clicked to the amazon site from an icon that went to a page for Gary Carson's The Complete Book of Hold'em Poker and they ended up buying instead they didn't pay a commission.

Then Barnes and Noble came along and paid commissions on anything the customer bought that trip. Much better. So I quit using Amazon for a long time.

Then recently I got more serious about actually using the internet to try to generate some income and since so many more buyers prefer Amazon to Barne's and Noble I got a new Amazon affiliate account.

That was a few weeks ago. I haven't sold anything.

I got an email from Amazon this morning pointing out that I needed to do some work, make some sales. They included the html for a box banner ad.

The html had an error in it. I mean it didn't work.

Instead of iframe width="180" etc etc
they had xiframewidth="180" etc etc

Easy enough for me to fix once I got it through my head that these people actually didn't know what the hell they're doing. This is one of America's top internet retail companies. And they can't get simple html code right before they send it out to customers.

No wonder Windows crashes. American industry is just incompetent.

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