Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Law doesn't have to make sense

Watching the talking heads about Foley I find it striking how many idiots keep trying to make logical arguements about law. Pat Buchannan is one of the leading idiots trying to do this.

Laws are not required to be consistent with each other or to make sense.

The empty arguement is that since the age of consent in DC is 16, there is no law broken by Foley hitting on 16 year olds.

The problem with the arguement is that there's a specific federal law that says it's illegal to solicit sex from a minor (under 18) using the internet.

So it's not illegal to hit on a 16 year old on the street, and it's not illegal to have sex with a 16 year old (in DC). But it is illegal to use the internet to hit on a 16 year old using explicit language. For the Dateline fans among you I guess you realize that it doesn't even have to be a 16 year old, it's enough for you to just beleive that they're under 18.

This just in --- Kirk Fordham, the cheif of staff for Tom Reynolds who was advising Mark Foley when the story broke and tried to get ABC to kill the story has just resigned.

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