Monday, April 09, 2007

Some Christians are Very Scary

This is scary stuff.

The old-time revival preachers have moved from tents to auditoriums and are enlisting teenagers into an Army for God.
His Christian code requires a "wartime mentality": a "survival orientation" and a readiness to face "real enemies." The queers and communists, feminists and Muslims, to be sure, but also the entire American cultural apparatus of marketing and merchandising, the "techno-terrorists" of mass media, doing to the morality of a generation what Osama bin Laden did to the Twin Towers.

Marxism is basically a cultural model based on class conflict. What we have here is a bunch of teenage Marxist Christians. That's a hell of a force.
In the hall outside the arena, kids line up to buy BattleCry T-shirts and hoodies and trucker caps, a dozen designs scrolled with goth and skater patterns. A brown tee for boys features a white silhouette of a kid with a baseball bat, a devil behind him rubbing his horns after a beat down

Just what this country needs -- more angry, uneducated teenage boys roaming the streets with baseball bats.
Luce recruits the politically powerless -- kids too young to vote. "That makes 'em want to fight," he tells me backstage after one of his events. "They get so livid. They're mad.

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