Thursday, May 17, 2007

Giving them a target in Tunica

Tunica High School is right on the edge of a small, rural town. It had 10 miles of woods and cotton fields between the high school and the casinos. (I've spent some time in Tunica). South of Memphis, it's the heart of the Mississippi Delta country.

Personally, if I drove past the Tunica High School and saw somebody walking around with a shotgun I'd have not thought anything of it. It's not exactly like nobody in rural Mississippi has a shotgun.

But, the Tunica County Sheriff thinks different. They locked down the high school when they heard a report of somebody walking around (outside the school) with a shotgun.

You can't be too careful. If they took away the targets and pissed off a guy with a shotgun he might shoot at a bird or something.

On a related note, a comment on the Tunica SO from a long time Tunica County resident. A few years ago I was playing poker in a Casino in Tunica County and there was an old black woman playing in the seat next to me. We got to talking about Mississippi and she said how things sure had changed since she was young.

She said, "Used to be, iffen you was a black woman and you got in a fight with your old man and the neihbors called the Sheriff, well, they'd send Bubba out and you was in trouble.".

"Nowdays, they'll send out Bubba and LeRoy both and you're in Big Trouble".

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