Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An insane lockdown

When I was in the Navy you could often skate through the day by walking around with a clipboard or a toolbox -- by carrying some device that indicated you were on your way to accomplish some specific task. You never had to actually do anything -- just appear to be doing something.

Later, when I grew up and became a corporate dweeb, my job was Project Manager. That meant I wrote a lot of status reports. In the corporate world a status report serves the same purpose as the clipboard did in the Navy -- it's evidence of activity, not actual activity.

Telling people you're doing something isn't quite the same thing as actually doing something. Project managers often draw a pretty good salary to spend their time telling people that someone else is doing something. Great job.

Sometimes that's what a school lockdown is. It's an appearance of doing something that just works out better than actually doing something would.

Who runs the schools in Greenville, MI?
GREENVILLE - Greenville school officials put their middle school on lockdown Tuesday morning after a threatening note was found in a locker.

In a statement, Superintendent Dr. Terance Lunger said a middle school student found a threatening note in a locker, indicating a bomb was inside. The school was locked down, "with normal activities continuing as much as possible."

Greenville Public Safety asked the Michigan State Police K-9 unit to help with the locker search.

Lockdown? They think there's a bomb in the building and they lock everyone inside the building?

Or maybe they don't actually think that there's a bomb in the building, they just want to pretend they do, you know, just in case of the off chance that there really is one. So they do something that they think provides some kind of external evidence of proper activity.

Of course the only thing it's actually evidence of is complete insanity on the part of the school, and the police that cooperated with the nutcases who runs these schools.

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