Saturday, July 14, 2007

Today's Movie - Team America

When the previews of this movie started running on TV a few years ago, right before it came out, it looked like a movie I wanted to see. But for some reason I didn't get around to seeing it.

I wasn't sure why I never saw it, but now that its reached the top of my NetFlix queue and I've seen it I think I know why. It sucked and didn't stay in the theatres long enough for me to get around to it.

This movie just couldn't hold my attention. Some stuff was funny. The love trapozoidal relationships were kind of funny. FAG, the actors council for world peace (or whatever it was called) was funny. But a couple of very short, very superficial jokes don't make for much of a movie.

I had a really hard time paying attention enough to get through it. I should have watched a re-run of Shawn of the Dead on Comedy Central instead.


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