Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yale, Oklahoma

I live in Cushing, Oklahoma, which is on highway 33, between Guthrie and Tulsa. About 10 miles to the north is Yale, Oklahoma, which is on highway 51 between Stillwater and Tulsa.

I've moved around a lot, lived in a lot of places. Austin TX, Corpus Christi TX, Sinton TX, Port Aransas TX, Victoria TX, Killeen TX, Cleveland TX, Huntsville TX, Baton Rouge LA, Biloxi MS, Robinsonville MS, Chicago IL, Evanston IL, Arlington Heights IL, San Francisco CA, San Diego CA, Reno NV, Seattle WA. A lot of places. That's not counting over 40 towns I lived in as a baby, when my daddy was doing oil field seismograph work from Alice TX to Billings MT.

I like to think I know how to fit in pretty much anywhere.

The other night I stopped by my bank ATM to get some cash. They have a little foyer with the ATM and there's a bulletin board there. They had a sign up announcing a team cow milking tournament on June 9th in Yale, OK.

I'd already made travel plans and will be in Las Vegas that weekend. I've never seen a cow milking team competition and I'm really sorry I'd missed it.

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