Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Patriot Act

Gee, what a surprise, the Patriot Act has almost nothing to do with fighting terrorism.

A commenter says
It was fairly obvious from the beginning that the Patriot Act was a laundry list of sheizit that Louis Freeh had been asking for for most of Clinton's presidency.

How else could you get 600+ pages of new and modified laws together in about 3 minutes?

Of course, we were at war, so it was forgiveable that our congress and president would pass it.

No, it's not forgiveable. War does not excuse incompetence.

It was clear on its face that the Patriot Act was un-American and anti-freedom from the very git-go.

We knew Bush was lying when Cheney said that we knew where the WMD's are. Not that we knew that he had them, but we knew where they are. If that was true then we didn't need to invade. So it was clearly a lie.

Once you realize they lied about that, anybody should realize they lied about the need for the Patriot Act also.

There's no excuse for any American who supported any of this crap. None.

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