Monday, August 27, 2007


I'm watching some History Channel documentary about a group of a few hundred jews who lived in the woods in the western part of Russia during WWII, hiding from the German's and cooperating with the Russian Partisan groups.

After the defeat of the German's at Stalingrad the German's retreated throught the forest and a few of the retreating Germans stumbled on the Jewish camp and there was a short but intense firefight. A few days later the Russian Army, chasing the retreating Germans stumbled on the same camp.

What was striking to me was not the Jews, but the Russians. They came throught the forest with horse drawn artillery pieces, and horse drawn supply wagons. They had just defeated the most mechinized army in the world at the time and did it with horse drawn artillery.

The survival of the group of jews in the forest is a pretty amazing story. But to me it's not nearly as amazing as the horse drawn artillery pieces in 1943.

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