Friday, September 28, 2007

The video taped little girl in Nevada

Well, the tape was in Nevada, we don't know where the little girl is, or where the tape was made.

What we do know is that the Nye County Sheriff thinks that polygraph tests mean something, which tell us that the investigation is run by complete idiots. It's pretty much a sure thing they'll screw it up.

Polygraph and voice stress machines have zero reliability, no matter what the Nye Country Sheriff says.

I'm watching the press conference right now. The idiot Sheriff is comparing it to "Who Shot JR?".

He's telling us that the tape was made in Las Vegas. The girl lives in Las Vegas and the girls mother recognizes furniture in the video.

The thing that's getting skipped over in the current coverage is that they guy who found the tape is still in jail because he flunked a polygraph test. The Sheriff is talking about him having been on probation for another crime and keeps avoiding telling us that the crime is a child support dispute. What crap.

Tammy Bruce has a post about the case.

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