Thursday, October 04, 2007

Commies and Nazis and Americans

When I was a kid, going to grade school in the 1950's I have a vivid memory of one of my teachers telling the class the difference between America and those commies. My memory is vivid because, although I was a 5th generation Texan, my mother had grown up in Nazi Germany and I always perked up when a teacher mentioned the Nazis, in this case she said that the Nazis had been just like the commies.

There were two ways to tell the difference between us and the godless commies -- one was that in communist countries you couldn't travel without being prepared to show identification (been in an airport in the US lately?). The second was that those commies encouraged you to inform on your family and neighbors, even children were encouraged to inform on their parents. Of course such evil could never take root in God-fearing America, she assured us.


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Blogger Major Bob said...

When was the last time you had to show your pre-approved PERMISSION to board an airplane?

When was the last time you had to show ID to drive to Dallas?

Have you ever BEEN to a communist nation? Apparently not. If you had (or knew someone who was), you would NEVER be comparing the contemporary US with those nations - EVER.

But paranoids like you actually think you're important enough to be watched, and you actually think the government is competent enough to watch everyone it would like to watch if it could.

Would you really want to board planes if NO ONE had to show ID and NO ONE or their belongings could be searched? Really?

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