Friday, November 09, 2007


Classical Value has a post pointing to Dr. Helen who wrote about a site that computes a blog readability index of some sort.

This blog is rated High School.

I also rated two other blogs I write, Poker Culture and Math and Poker.

Math and Poker is rated college undergraduate.

Poker Culture is rated elementary school.

They all have the same writer. Why the difference in readability.

The only difference is topic.

This blog is mostly just general discussion of politics and culture, mostly pretty superficial stuff and mostly pretty superficial discussion.

The Math and Poker blog is about mathematics and how it relates to poker. I don't think the writing is at a very advanced level. I tend to use short sentences and small words no matter what the topic. But the topic tend to be at a college undergraduate or first year graduate student level, using words and terms like stochastic, optimal, trajectory, risk adjusted expected value, and other such stuff.

The Poker Culture blog tends to be somewhat about poker, somewhat about poker players. I don't think a lot of poker players actually got much past 8th grade, so elementary school is probably about right for that one.


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