Saturday, February 09, 2008

A girl has to make a living

Cops hire an informant to have sex with a prostitute at a massage parlor. The judge thought that was kind of outrageous behavior on the part of the cops and dismissed the prostitution charge against the owner of the massage parlor.

The DA thinks that the judge overstepped his bounds
District Attorney James B. Martin said he will appeal the decision to the state Superior Court.

''I think it's absurd to say that the conduct that police engaged in in this set of circumstances, with someone who was known to run brothels, is outrageous,'' Martin said. ''With all due respect to Judge Steinberg, I think he used his own moral compass to decide this case and not the law and the facts.''

At least somebody seems to have a moral compass. Maybe it would be a net benefit to society if the police and DA got one themselves.

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