Friday, February 15, 2008

Rounding up the usual talking heads after a school shooting

I was watching MSNBC this morning and of course the topic was the campus shooting at Northern Illinois yesterday. They have some retired FBI agent who wrote a book as their usual expert. They say he's a criminal profiler, but that's a really bogus occupation, kind of like cold-reading done by psychic performers.

The guy is just an idiot. He went off on some political rant saying how all the gun rights people would be coming out of the woodwork to argue that we need to allow private citizens with concealed weapons permits to carry guns on unversity campuses. But, according to Mr. Guy-Who-Wrote-A-Book we shouldn't listen to those people becuase it's just insanity to allow anyone who doesn't have a job in law enforcement to have a gun.

Sure, buddy.

We don't need more cops and cops don't need more weapons. We need fewer cops and we need more restraints on the cops we do have. We also need fewer restraints on citizens ability and right to protect themselves and others.

Paul Phillips has a good explanation why this is true, so I won't repeat it here.

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