Sunday, May 11, 2008

No one is in panic mode?

From the SF Chronicle a few weeks ago
A small private college lifted a campus lockdown Tuesday evening after police spent the day searching for a man who was seen with a gun in a residence hall, school officials said.

Classes at Ferrum College were canceled for the rest of the week, and students were told they could leave early for spring break, which was to have begun after classes Friday, school spokeswoman Natalie Faunce said.

Earlier Tuesday, Ferrum College President Jennifer Braaten activated an alert system and ordered the school locked down after a member of the housekeeping staff reported seeing a young man walk into a residence hall with a handgun, Franklin County Sheriff Ewell Hunt said at a news conference.


"No one has been hurt; no one is in a panic mode," Braaten said.

All campus buildings had been searched by Tuesday evening and police said they still had no idea who the man with the gun is or whether he is a student.

Students were taken to the gymnasium during the day for security reasons, but were escorted back to their rooms Tuesday evening.

Campus is locked down, classes are canceled for a week, every building on campus is searched, residence halls are evacuated and students herded into a gym. But they're not in panic mode.

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