Saturday, November 08, 2008

Locking up Infants

Eight years old isn't an infant, but it's pretty close.

His father and a boarder/friend of his father were killed, shot with a 22. Police were called after the boy told a neighbor he though his daddy was dead. The boy denied any knowledge of what happened.

Police then interrogated him for a few hours, without allowing him to consult with any relatives or with a lawyer. He confessed and they charged him with premeditated murder.

more on the story.

When I was a kid I was locked up in a juvenile detention facility for a few days as a runaway. I know firsthand how cops interrogate children. Any confession that kid might have made is unreliable and it's just nonsense to base any kind of prosecution on it. It's really kind of amazing how much of our criminal justice system is based on nonsense.

If he was old enough to have a job he could use a cash advance to get the cash to hire a lawyer.

ht: Injustice Anywhere.

UPDATE: Simple Justice weighs in.

A Public Defender links to a video of the interregation.

I'm just amazed at how many people I run across that just assume the boy killed his father and father's friend based on the confession. The truth is that these Arizona cops screwed this up so badly that we'll probably never be able to know what actually happened. (Did y'all know that Miranda was an Arizona case?)

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