Thursday, May 07, 2009

Escape from the slaughterhouse

A heifer escaped from a slaughterhouse in New York.

The police said the slaughterhouse from which the heifer came was in the area of 158th Street and Beaver Road. There are several slaughterhouses in that area, but none came forward immediately to claim the heifer, Mr. Gentles said.

There were a few things I found interesting, the first being that the NY Times knew enough to call it a heifer and not a cow.

2nd) That there are slaughterhouses in New York (Queens borough)

the heifer trotting with police cars slowly trailing — their lights and sirens noticeably turned off.

3rd) The police had the sense to not use their lights and sirens, and...

Officers eventually lassoed the animal with a rope

Lastly) A New York cop knows how to lasso?

Must have been trained by McCloud.

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