Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fat kids

When I was a kid the TV was full of ads for Sugar Pops and Hostess Twinkies and other such good foods.

Kids ate this stuff. Lot's and lot's of it. My mother used to make me sugar sanwiches all the time -- white bread, heavily buttered, table sugar spooned over the butter, fold the bread. Give it to me and shove me outside.

We were not fat.

It's lifestyle issue, not a diet issue. It was the shoving outside part that made the difference.

The same people who whine about what parents feed kids would whine if parents shoved kids outside to roam the neighborhood unsupervised.

One of the reasons modern man lives longer than in days of yore is that we're
fatter. The fat insulates us from extremes of the weather and we live longer. I don't know for sure that's true, but it's certainly a correlation. Everybody that whines about kids being too fat stake their arguement on a correlation, why isn't one correlation just as good as another?

If you want to bitch about how other parents raise their kids you should look to those who don't raise their kids as christians. Such parents should be stoned for dooming their children to an eternety of damnation. There's no excuse for that kind of thing.


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