Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hannity confuses The Simpsons and The Klan

I was driving back from Tulsa yesterday and as I always do on the road I was listening to various right-wing and christian talk radio. If you really want to see the decline of America first hand, spend some time listening to this radio crap that's going on everywhere. I find them entertaining, but the idea that anyone might actually take them seriously is kind of scary. You'd have to have the IQ of a turtle to actually take people like Sean Hannity seriously.

Since I'm actually writing this blog entry about something Hannity said, I wonder what that says about my mental state? Oh, well, here goes anyway.

Anyway, he was talking about that gaffe Lieberman made about Indians running convenience stores. Lieberman had made some comment that you have to have at least a slight Indian accent to go into a convience store these days. I'm not sure but I think he made the statement in the context of some comments in favor of "good immigration" and opposing "bad immigration". Or some kind of really tough political stand like that.

Anyway, Hannity, as usual, goes nuts about it. No different from Trent Lott's comments that Strom Thurmond should have been president, according to Hannity.

No different?

Well, I think Leiberman's comment was ill advised, but it's still just a comment on what the reality in America is today. Indians and Pakistanis are running our convenience stores and our roadside motels all over America. That's a reality that anyone who actually gets out of the house every now and then sees often.

The expression of the idea that Strom Thurmond should have been elected President isnt a politically incorrect observation about what America is -- it's an expression of an opinion about what America should be. It's basically an expression of the idea that America would be better off if we were run by the Klan.

Some of y'all might think the opinion I just expressed is something of a stretch. I don't think it is. I'm not saying that Lott was expressing support of the racists agenda of the Klan, but I am saying that he was expressing support of the idea that rule by a secret organization is a good thing.

I remember when the Klan ran Mississippi. So does Trent Lott. The Klan was not a political party that put out a slate of candidates. It was more like a PAC that could deliver both votes and money. If you went against the Klan then you would have a hard time next election cycle, and would probablly find youself having some trouble even before then. It was a powerful, powerful organization in Mississippi and Trent Lott saw the results of it first hand.

Strom Thurmond was a candidate of the States Rights Party and not a Klan candidate in the sense that he was on the ballot listed under Klu Klux Klan. But he was a Klan candidate in the sense that he had their support, you could not be a leading, powerful, political force in South Carolina if you were not strongly supported by the Klan. Strom Thurmond deferred to the desires of the Klan of South Carolina and Trentt Lott was well aware of how that works.

Sean Hannity may thing that observing that a lot of convience stores are being bought be people from India and expressing the opinion that we'll all be better off if the Klan was running things are equivalent.

But, I can see a difference.

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