Friday, August 11, 2006

Short your stock in America

What the hell are we doing?

We've never caught a terrorist at the airport. Not once.

The terrorists in England where caught by traditional undercover police work. The police infiltrated a group and kept track of their plans.

Security at the airport has never done anything to thwart a terrorist attack. But, now you can't drink water past the security checkpoint (not just carrying water on a plane), you can't carryon a tube of toothpaste in case the airlines lose your bags, and we have soldiers running around with automatic weapons. The biggest crime threat in airports is theft of laptops. So, (to improve security?), we are required to remove laptops from any bags and wave them around saying, "Lookee here, here's a valuable piece of electronic gear".

We've just gone completely nuts.

Airport security isn't about security. It's about pretense and bullshit.

Even the original information about the plot came from classic sources, an informant.

No secret wire taps, no blanket survalience, no warrentless searches. Just ordinary police work.

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Get on over the pond there buddy. Nobody's holding you back.

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