Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Democrats are awesome

There appears to be some sort of problem with the comment function and Randy G emailed me a comment on my post last week on some republicans who don't know the difference between Sunni's and Shiites.
Now that was a legitimate piece of Democratic banter. You identified a problem, a few Republican higher ups who are clueless on differences in the religion in this region. Astonishingly though you failed to expand on this by saying why it is important, even though it could be argued that is obvious. Quite obviously though nothing is too obvious these days. BTW, I'm sure there are more than a few DEMs who have no clue on the same subject, but just know that, "war is bad and people die." I'd love for you to detail the loss of live in this war in respect to our's and the world's population as compared to previous wars. Interesting stuff there.

The reason it's important is that it's important to know who the factions are when trying to evaluate how to deal with the civil war. And, it's not sectarian conflict -- it's civil war. There's at least 5 groups at war. Sunni militia, Shiite militia, Al Quada terrorists, Iraqi government troops, and US military.

You have to have some minimum understanding of who's who to understand who's fighting who.

There are probably more democrats who don't have a clue than republicans. But republicans are supposed to know -- they're the ones running the damn show. Hopefully only for a couple more weeks though.

I'm kind of surprised how few people we've lost in this war. But I touched oin that in a post the other day. To me, it's not about how few we've lost, but how few we've lost compared to how many Iraqi's get killed. We might lose a handful every day, 4 or 8, but there's 80-100 Iraqi's killed every night, there bodies found when the sun comes up.

So, who owns the night in Bagdad? Certianly not us. We claim to control Bagdad but that's clearly a lie. It's obvious that our troops are hiding away at night keeping their heads down. We sure as hell aren't going to win a war that way.

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