Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Bush speech

A couple of weeks ago I was driving back home from Tulsa and listening to Tulsa's Fox Radio. They were broadcasting a speech Bush was giving to some meeting of retired military officers.

Sunni extremists was the new phrase Bush introduced in that speech.

Bin Laden is a Sunni Muslim.

So, the unstated linkage is that we have to fight the Iraqi Sunni extremists to protect ourselves from Bin Laden.

His argument for the importance of paying attention to Bin Laden is that Bin Laden has made his goals clear just like Hitler and Lenin had.

Lot's of nutcases have written plans for world domination. Probably thousands of them. Because two out of thousands have followed through and killed a lot of people in the attempt to conquer the world does not mean it's important to pay attention to the thousands of others.

But I guess he checked it out with God, just like Bin Laden does.

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