Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More on Fighting Terror the Bush Way

In a recent post I quoted the following parapragh from a newspaper article.

The U.S. Bureau of Prisons is supposed to translate and screen all mail to and from the highest-risk inmates — including terrorists, gang members and spies — for evidence of criminal activity. But that target was not being met consistently at 10 federal prisons and detention centers surveyed by the Justice Department's inspector general.

A comment on my post was.

Randy G said...
Yeah, Bush should just go and read all of the mail himself and that would fix the problem. It was hot here this weekend.........that damn Bush! This is the cause and effect used by liberals. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Also, identifying problems is one thing. Suggesting solutions to these problems might advance your cause as far as discrediting the President's and his Administration's policies. That's not how the nay sayers work though is it. You just blame everything that goes wrong and blame it all on bush, while ignoring things that are going well (oil/gas prices are coming back down to Earth and the stock market is at an all time high) and attributing that to luck or just American greatness. Enlighten me on this way of thinking. Maybe you liberal pansies are right after all;)

The reason I hold Bush responsible is that it is his responsibility.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is part of the Department of Justice. A presidential seal and Bush's name is even on the front page of their website.

The reason given in the article for the non-compliance is a manpower shortage. But the administration is able to find the manpower to run faith-based programs in the prisons. And to fight terror they are able to find the manpower to confiscate toothpaste at airports.

When you're hiring people to confiscate toothpaste at airports rather than hiring people to read the mail of known terroists then there seems to me to be a severe problem in priorities.

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