Saturday, December 30, 2006

Scaring people

A freind of mine sent me a copy of Daniel Ellsberg recent book and I finially got around to starting it. So far it's pretty good, not just about Vietnam and the Pentegon Papers, but about America.

An early passage kind of stunned me. About his childhood during WWII in Detroit. In grade school they showed a film about magnesium firebombs. The fires from those bombs can't be put out with water, they need to be smothered with something like sand. So after showing the film they started keeping a bucket of sand in a corner of each classroom.

You know, just in case the Nazi's attacked Detroit from those airbases in Canada they had.

Revision. In the original version of this post I missspelled Scaring in the title, I spelled it Scarying. It put me first in the google search for scarying. Pretty cool. It only got me one hit, but but a number one search engine rank is still a number one search engine rank. So as not to lose that rank I'm putting this note at the end about my spelling the word as scarying.

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