Monday, December 18, 2006

Vietnam and Iraq

Here's some comments on the insanity of United States policy makers.

It just amazes me that someone can make an arguement that we lost in vietnam because we didn't do enough of whatever it was we did so if we do more of whatever we're doing in Iraq we'll win in Iraq.

We've had 4 years to get lights turned back on and we havn't been able to do it. The idea that all we need to turn the lights back on is 30,000 more kids with guns is just nuts. It's insane. But instead of locking up idiots who stand on street corners yelling that nonsense into the institutions they belong in we give them jobs pontificating on TV.

We're going to be in Iraq until Bush leaves office. Our Official National Policy is to make sure that we leave after Bush leaves office so that maybe someone else will be blamed for the fiasco that will result. The fiasco that we can't stop, but we can delay only at the cost of making it worse once it does happen.

I saw O'Reilly showing some TV ad put out by Kurds of Northern Iraq (they're already calling them selves Kurdistan) thanking the US for liberating them.

It's true that Saddam had it in for the Kurds. But it's also true that they had become seperate from Saddam and the rest of Iraq by the UN Sanctions and the US enforcement of the free fly zone. Saddam had no more influence over the Kurds well before our invasion. And in fact the Al Quada training camps in Northern Iraq where sponsered by the Kurds, not Saddam, and we used them as a pretense for the Invasion, pretending that Saddam had something to do with it.

Now, we're praising the ones who actually did have links to Al Quada simply because they support our efforts to kill Iraqis in Bagdad.

The whole thing is nuts. We're nuts for tolerating such nonsense on the part of Americans.

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