Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Whenever I read a post on libraries like this one. I shudder about the backwardness of the town I live in.

Oklahoma has legal poker rooms, although home poker is illegal. The library at Cushing, Okahoma has internet connection which doesn't allow access to any url with the character string "poker" in the address. And, if you access a site like if the word "poker" is in any text it's blanked out.

Cushing also almost didn't give me a library card because, although I own property in the city limits and had plenty of documentation of who I am and where I live (in the city limits of Cushing) I didn't know two people with a land-line phone listed in the local phone. They don't really like those without kin in the area to use the phone. I guess it will send the wrong message.

I pretty much gave them a choice -- call a cop to get me out of her or give me a card. They gave me a card.

I got a card of the local library in Stillwater, the county seat, with no trouble at all. The also have real libary access, and have free wireless.

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