Tuesday, November 28, 2006

NY Justice

I'm not going to dig up a link for this one, I assume y'all have all seen something about the NYC cops who pumped 50 rounds into a car full of unarmed men trying to flee a bunch of out of out of uniform cops in an unmarked car.

The police, prosecutor, and mayor all keep saying we need to withhold judgement until we have all the facts.

But the prosecutor is taking it to the Grand Jury. Without those facts he keeps saying are so important to determine.

I guess the facts aren't going to get in the way of doing what you have to do to protect a bunch of nutcase out-of-control cops.

The normal idiots are all yelling "excessive force" for the use of 50 rounds.

But it's not the 50 rounds -- it's the shooting at all that's excessive.

There was no reason for it at all. None. That fact is pretty clear. But somehow I doubt it's a fact that the prosecutor will focus on in his Grand Jury presentation. I'm thinking he'll focus on the nonsense that we have to assume that shooting was the right thing to do and the only legitimate question is when the shooting whould have stopped.

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