Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dennis Miller

I just saw a short rant by Dennis Miller on Fox News. That guy's just gone nuts, he's not even close to funny any more.

Part of his rant is that we're wrong to worry about the failure to have found any WMD's, since we're in the situation now (it's not clear to me what he means by that) and that he have to win because if we don't win defined by his terms than some kind of blah blah blah evil result will occur that will destroy us all.

But actually the failure to have discovered WMD's matters a lot. Not becuase the arguement about whether or not we should have invaded Iraq matters much of itself but becuase those same people who lied to us about WMD's are the ones telling us we must press on and win or else the Devil will prevail and the world comes to an end.

And make no mistake about it. They did lie to us. They didn't say they thought they were WMD's (I thought Saddam had them). They didn't even say they were sure about it (no rational person could have been sure). They went further than that and told us they knew where the things were.

It should be clear now -- even to the likes of Miller or Hannity -- that they lied when they said that they knew where the WMD's were. That's not even possible to have been true.

That's why the failure to find WMD's matters a lot when we're trying to evaluate the rhetoric like Miller just asserting that we will be at war with nutcase Islam for generations at least, no matter what we might do now.

He's insane.

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