Sunday, December 03, 2006

nouns and adjectives and law

Guacomole is a salad. The primary ingrediant is mashed avocado. It's an avocado salad. It's not an avocado dip.

Kraft makes an guacomole dip which doesn't have much avocado in it. They are being accused of fraudulent labeling and are being sued.

I guess I'm different in that I grew up in Texas where I actually knew what guacomole was from a young age. When I first saw a little 8 oz package of Guacomole Dip made by Kraft in the grocery store I didn't jump to the conclusion it was an avocado salad. In fact my gut reaction to that label was that it probably wasn't an avocado salad.

But today, if you're too stupid to understand that then you can file a lawsuit. If you can find a judge as stupid as you are you might even win.

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