Wednesday, December 06, 2006

These guys are full of it.

Baker and some other old guy are having a press conference about that "report".

First he says that the agreed at the beginning that they would leave politics out of it, hence not completing the process before the election on purpose.

But then he says one of the goals of the recommendations was to acheive recommendations that would have bi-partisen support. That's not political?

Then he said nowhere in the report do they use the term "civil war". That's not political.

The whole damn thing is political. What's this nonsense that it's not political? They might have waited until after the election because of a fear that putting a focus on Iraq before the election might hurt Republican election chances. That's not avoiding politics -- it is politics.

We're screwed.

Update: Further in the news conference Baker is asked how he expects Bush to react to the recommendations. Baker, playing his role as supreme bullshitter, responds by saying he's worked for 4 presidents and has never tried to psychologically analyze any of them.

That's nonsense. Of course he has. Executives and managers everywhere analyze their bosses. That's part of what they have to do in order to do their job well. To claim otherwise is just absurd.

It would probably be accurate for him to say he has a personal policy of not discussing the results of his psycological analysis of his boss. But he doesn't want to say that becuase that would actually be true.

Update 2: Thanks to Ann Althouse for providing a link to various blogs that have commented on it.

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