Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gates -- just another mealy-mouthed jerk

Whoopy. When asked whether we are winning the war in Iraq Gates says "no". And everybody jumps up and down and yells "Oh, how candid, how wonderfull"

But then he comes back and says, "and we aren't losing the war either". It's no fault of the US Army that we aren't winning, he says. After all, we havn't lost a battle.

He's president of what used to be a second rate military school. More recently it's just a second rate anti-intellectual university.

But even graduates of a second rate military school should understand that an army that can lose a war without having lost a battle is an army run by career idiots who pick their battles according to how they might look in the newspaper rather than how they might actually contribute to winning a way.

I saw that kind of obscene military thinking in Vietnam first hand. I was on a destoryer and our standing orders where to retreat if we came under fire. Retreat. Why? Becasue the political risk of us losing a ship in combat to a country with no Navy was just too much to actually try to win the war. Avoid bad press was the standing military objective in Vietnam. And according to Gates it's the right way for us to fight a war.

He's going to get confirmed. And he might help Bush. But he isn't going to do one damn thing to help this country.

An army that is afraid to lose a battle isn't going to win the war.

As I've said in my poker writings many times -- you can't win until you're prepared to lose.

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