Thursday, December 14, 2006


MSNBC just had a news report about a school in NJ. They found some kind of powder that a teacher who was exposed to it got sick.

What does the school do? Lockdown. Don't let anybody out. Student safety? Hey, they have a crime to investigate, can't jeapordize that just to protect some kids.

I recall the kids who escaped the school at Columbine (not because of any help from the cops) and were essentually arrested, certainly detained, nutcase SWAT team types met them with weapons and had them slow down and put their hands in the air.

They thought it was too dangerous for them to go in, but pointing guns at kids who escaped on their own, not allowing to just proceed to a safe area on their own wasn't possible, because hey, they're cops, they're in charge.

Idiots. Cowards, control freaks, and idiots. Our public agencies are full of them.

Update: Video reveals they aren't really in lockdown. My lockdown experience is in a prison. Nobody goes in, nobody goes out. Period.

But they just aren't allowing the kids to leave the yard, they are on the playground supervised by teachers, not in the building. And, they are allowing cops to come inside.

In the language I'm used to that's not a lockdown. I've been inside a prison that went to lockdown while I was in the middle of a class I was teaching. I was there for the duration. Guards coming in for the start of their shift were not allowed inside, they waited in the parking lot. In those situations in lockdown all inmates to to their cells and a count is done. Until they have a count and have quelled any disruption nobody goes in, nobody goes out.

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