Wednesday, December 13, 2006

American Swat

The photo that this post refers to seems to be gone the web. It's a photo of a Swat team member dreesed out in his full combat gear holding a military style weapon, standing guard over a 5 year old boy urinating.

The photographer seems to claim that the photo represents the humanitarian nature of the SWAT team of the Police Department in Durham, NC. Sure.

As The Agitator points out it seems more likely that the photographer is worried that the SWAT clowns will think it doesn't protray them in a good light and it might cost him the unique access he's been given to observe SWAT in action. So he wants to cover it up, kill it.

If you think photojournalist care out truth or art you'd be wrong. They care about access. And most of them will kiss whatever ass or tell any lies they have to so that they'll be given unique access.


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