Sunday, December 10, 2006

Prisons and jails in america

I guess British reporters don't understand the difference between a state prison and a county jail in the US.

The video claims it was filmed in a Texas prison. That's inaccurate. It was filmed in a county jail, in Brazoria County, Texas. That means that the vidioes implication that Bush being Governer when it happened is somehow relevant is wrong.

In the US a county jail is run by the Sheriff, not the State.

I was in Texas when this video came to light. It was done intendended for use as a training film for future deputies.

The really terrible part of it is that it's a jail, not a prison. Many inmates of a jail have not been convicted of a crime. They are awaiting trial and are just too poor to make bail.

This is how the US treats people who are poor but are not criminals.

America. Home of the free and land of the cowards with guns and badges.

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