Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tucker Carlson

I had the TV on this afternoon and wasn't really watching it closely. Tucker Carlson on MSNBC was on and he was talking to some panel of 3 political junkies about immigration reform.

Tucker was running his mouth claiming that Democrats are in favor of illegal immigration. Of course that's such an absurd statement that I don't why in the world NBC gives the guy a job. What they really need to do is fund a years worth of remedial logic to the clown. Being in favor of increased immigration or in favor of amnesty for existing immigrants or in favor of other such stuff doesn't mean anyone is in favor of illegal immigration.

Tucker seems to be in favor of harsh penalties for those immigrants who don't jump through the right loops while others are in favor of lightening up on those hoops, but Tuckers characterization of those who disagrees with him is just an indication of a really weak intellect.

But, anyway, when he made that silly comment about democrats being in favor of illegal immigration, one of the panel spoke up and said that democrats supported the President in Comprehensive Immigration Reform and it was killed by Republicans in the House, not by democrats. Tucker said, "and they were doing God's Work".

All I can say to that is What? What the hell is he talking about. The job of a Congressman is to serve the constitution, not to serve God. In fact doing God's work would be a direct assault on the constitution and is exactly what they aren't supposed to do.

People like Tucker Carlson are scary. He's the first to attack countries with a government that serves some God other than Tucker's chosen God. But the thinks it's okay for our government to be run by those who serve their personal imaginary being rather than serving the country?


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