Monday, January 08, 2007

Bush has a plan to win in Iraq

Bush has a plan. We aren't just going to send more troops (troops we don't have, by the way), we're going to lay down the law to the Iraqi government. A NYT article outlines the plan. It seems the key element for the plan is that it will take over two years to see any concrete results. In that sense it's just like his plan to balance the budget.

The plan is basically to tap dance for two years and then let the next president deal with it.

If that's the plan then let's get on with it. Impeach him and move on to the next president. If Cheney doesn't straighten up and get the job done then impeach him.

The plan sets a series of benchmarks for the Iraqi government. The goal now is to reduce sectarian violence. That's the goal of the benchmarks we will set, with the cooperation and agreement of the Iraqi government. This is the same government that we haven't trusted to provide the most basic security.

Balkinization talks about some problems with the execution of Iraq that suggests that we know that Iraq isn't going to be able to meet any benchmarks.

Overall, I think the prospects are not good. Leading democrats are already starting to weasel out of just doing their damn job.

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