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In 1993 the NBC newsmagazine Dateline moved from being a newsmagazine to being an early reality TV show. That was when they aired an episode where they rigged an explosion on a GM pickup to "demonstrate" that a design flaw tended to cause gas tank explosions. They forgot to tell the viewers that the explosion they filmed wasn't caused by a collision, it was caused by a bomb they planted on the pickup.

More recently Dateline has teamed up with Perverted Justice for a new reality show called "To Catch a Predator". Like almost all reality shows, it really has very little to do with reality.

Perverted Justice is basically a vigilante group. Some of their tactics are less than noble.

Perverted Justice itself seems to have gotten it's start with the role playing fetish of it's owner. His history of engaging in internet chat using the role of a 13 year old simply for his own enjoyment (long before the Dateline hookup) seems a little to far over the edge of creepy to me.

On the show they give the appearance that the decoy's employed by Dateline and Perverted Justice are just passive in various chatrooms, waiting for some predator to it on them. But according to Stone Phillips of Dateline that's not actually true.In many cases, the decoy is the first to bring up the subject of sex., he says. Just who is the predator here?

At least one of the evil ones captured by Dateline is mentally retarded.

CBS news seems to think Dateline is crossing an ethical boundary

grits for breakfast

Lawsuit about the Dateline show


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> Wow. That's amazing and sickening at the same time. The story about the
> 19 year old and his mom was absolutely unbelievable. Why would Dateline
> associate with these clowns? Are ratings that hard to get?

It makes them judgement proof in a lawsuit, perverted justice is doing all the enticement/entrapment. ?Dateline learned their lesson about direct invovement in manipulating things when they got sued for planting the bomb in the GM pickup and then claiming the explosion was because of a gas tank design defect.

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Blogger windOwillows said...

There has been one lawsuit and that was because of a car?

The costs of filing a lawsuit is too great and thats why the poor innocent men dont do it?


These men are perverts and deserve everything they get.

6:13 AM  
Blogger Gary Carson said...

I havn't looked for any lawsuites, I ran across that one just looking up perverted justice. I have no idea how many lawsuits may have been filed in total. I think the article mentioned 7 lawsuits about car seizures.

I don't think anybody said anything about innocent and I don't think that the costs of a lawsuit would have a whole lot to do with it.

Who are they going to sue? Perverted Justice is doint all the dirty work and they don't have deep pockets.

But I understand your attitude that anybody who can't find grounds for a civil liability suit must be guilty of something. That's a bedrock principle of our criminal justice system.

Let's don't ever look at what our heros are doing and how they're behaving. Let's don't ever tarnish our heros.

Somehow I'm guessing that you approve of torturing enemy combatants until they tell us where the bomb is planted.

Thank you for the comment and observations. I'm serious about the thank you.

12:47 PM  

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