Saturday, April 21, 2007

Congress has no balls

Really. No one in Congress has any balls. They're just mealy-mouthed cowards.

Vermont, apparently a state full of weirdos, has passed a resolution in the State Congress, urging the one congressman from Vermont to introduce a bill of impeachment for Bush and, and they even added Dick Cheney. Impeach him too.
Declaring that the Bush administration's actions in foreign and domestic affairs raise "serious questions of constitutionality," Vermont state senators voted yesterday to call for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney in what officials say was the first such vote by state lawmakers in the country.

But the one congressman (it's a really small state) and two senators all reject the idea.
Vermont's congressional delegation, which includes Welch and Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders, promptly rejected the call.

They issued a statement saying that the three shared the anger of many Vermonters with the Bush administration, "one of the worst and most destructive in American history."

But, they said that, for the first time since Bush took office, Congress is investigating several of the administration's key actions, ranging from the decision to invade Iraq to the recent firings of eight US attorneys.

"Before we talk about impeachment, it is imperative that these investigations be allowed to run their course, and we should then follow wherever the facts lead," the delegation said.

That's just such bullshit.

The truth is that they are afraid they won't get any Republican support for impeachment because the result will be Nancy Pelosi as President. But they don't have the balls to just say that, they have to come up with some kind of mealy-mouthed, "We're investigating it".

That's why we got in the mess we're in. We don't have anybody in Washington with any interest in just talking truthfully. Nobody is, Democrats or Republicans. Until that happens we're just screwed.

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