Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Observations on Imus and his nappy hair

Should Imus be fired?

I don't know, I don't really care. But the whole thing sure is interesting.

I often watch Imus on MSNBC and although I missed the day of the nappy hair comment I did notice that during the week before that he was apologizing about something almost every day.

An example is some comments he'd made about General Motors. They had donated a few hundred thousand dollars worth of trucks to the Imus Ranch, his wholly owned charity subsidiary, and Imus made the comment on the air that they'd given the trucks to the ranch because they couldn't sell them.

No, no, no, Don.

The next day he was apologizing for it every 20 minutes or so. Two days later he was still apologizing every half hour or so. He even brought in a GM marketing VP as a guest and interviewed him about what great vehicles GM was making and how the news about a possible bankruptcy was all a misunderstanding. I was actually embarrassed for Imus.

Then he came up with his nappy headed hos. What a twit.

He apologized, and apologized, and just won't shut up about it.

On Tuesday he made the absurd claim that he's not running a PR campaign about the issue. He should be fired for saying that, of course he's running a PR campaign to try to frame it as a "good man who did a bad thing". To pretend he's not is just insulting. Every interview he did Tuesday was centered on what they thought about Imus's public relations problems. Every one.

He did an interview of Bill Maher that started out with what happens to people who say something stupid on the air. Bill Maher certainly knows about that. After a minute or two of that Maher tried to change the subject to politics, what the show is supposed to be about. Imus was having none of that. Everytime Maher brought up Bush Imus changed the subject to race relations in the US and what Imus was on record with about race relations in the US. Pathetic.

For two weeks Imus has been hyping an appearance by his wife to promote a new book she's written. It was supposed to be yesterday. She didn't show up. Imus mumbled some excuse. Even his wife is deserting the sinking ship.

The really funny part of all this, that I haven't seen any TV commentator comment about, is the basketball team's press conference on Tuesday. I guess they waited until Tuesday to meet the public so they could all go to the beauty shop. None of them had nappy hair.

I'm watching him right now (Wednesday morning) and he's relating a story about how he sent some kids with cancer home from his charity ranch because they were calling the girls "bitches and whores". Sent them home. Is he suggesting he should be sent home? Maybe that's how this all will end up.

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Wednesday Imus keeps re-running clips of the basketball teams press conference. Over and over. Including the speech the team captain made where she talked about the biggest problem being all the unwanted media attention they are getting as a result of all this. Good thinking Imus. Just exploit the hell out of those girls, fill your airtime with their pleas to be left alone. Then apologize. That ought to work.

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