Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cops -- the new rumor mill

Call the cops whenever you hear a rumor at a junior high school?

Boy, that sounds like a plan that just can't fail.
The meeting was prompted by a rumor Thursday that a student brought a gun to Kahler Middle School. An investigation determined the claim was unfounded.

From now on, police will be notified immediately of rumors of violence. Once police establish there is no imminent threat, they will back out and let school officials handle the situation, Quinn said.

"Our Police Department is trained," Dyer Councilwoman Nan Onest said. "They need to be the first people we call

Police are trained to evaluate rumors among 13 year old kids?

Is there some new FBI school (in Hawaii?) they attend to get this training? Do they have special internet training in using scopes.com?

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