Wednesday, May 30, 2007

delusional homeless

Sometimes the homeless are just delusional. But that doesn't really mean they are dangerous. This guy in Montana is an example of a delusional, nutcase homeless guy, who's probably pretty harmless.
Danny Donovan, 29, said a higher calling brought him to Billings. The Texas native is studying to be a minister.

"I wasn't doing so well back home," Donovan said. "The group of friends I ran around with tended to get in trouble."

Donovan said he'd seen movies about Montana and was drawn to the state's majestic scenery.

He's been staying at the Montana Rescue Mission since April while he takes religious correspondence courses.

Although he does not have any other place to live, he does not consider himself to be homeless.

"This is a good place for a transition," he said. "I have a home back home … Where your heart is is where your home is."


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