Monday, May 28, 2007

Feminists who silence feminists

I don't always follow the drama of feminists but I kind of try to keep track a little bit and one of the common themes I see on the internet is that "those people" are trying to silence "us". It seems to be a fundamental tenet of feminism, at least as it's practiced on the web, that a woman's voice is under constant attack from outside forces.

Then I read this post at Feministing. If feminism is a profession, then the multiple posters at Feministing are professional feminists. They describe themselves as feminist writers and put forth their master's degrees in women's studies as if that qualifies as an actual education or professional training of some sort.

One of the things they do at feministing is provide profiles/interviews of other activist feminists with an emphasis on members of non-white/non-hetero groups.

One such interview was that of someone who goes by the netname of Nubian who posts (or posted) on a blog named I'm guessing that's a black woman. Just a guess.

when i was interviewed at feministing and saw the copious amounts of racial hatred spewed at me, i emailed both jessica and celina to remove the infamous interview. jessica told me it was up to celina to remove it and celina told me it was up to jessica to remove it. sadly, i felt that both of them intentionally told me different things in order to avoid taking down the interview. even at my request to remove it, they kept the interview up and subsequently closed comments. i cannot and will not support a “feminist” site that willingly allowed me to be publicly humiliated.

I don't know what the racial hatred was. But just her name and blog name certainly seem to be racial statements, which might expect to draw racial comments. I'm not sure I understand what's so terrible about comments she disapproves of.

But she gave an interview to professional journalists. Feministing is very much a for-profit blog. Feminist journalists or not, they are professional journalists. Why would they want to take down a story that is successfully acquiring attention from readers? Did Nubia think she could control reaction to a story about her written by someone else, published at a site she's not affiliated with? Apparently so. Protect the feminist. Silence the critics. That seems to be her approach to social discourse.

I'm really not impressed. But the drama is interesting. Almost stereotypical female, which I think is kind of funny.


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