Monday, May 28, 2007

Vietnam Service Medal

The Vietnam Service Medal is presented to any service member who served on temporary duty for more than thirty consecutive days, or 60 non-consecutive days, (Attached to or regularly serving for one, or more, days with an organization participating in or directly supporting ground operations or attached to or regularly serving for one, or more, days aboard a naval vessel directly supporting military operations in the Republic of Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos within the defined combat zone between the dates of 1961-11-15 and 1973-03-28, and from 29 April 1975 to 30 April 1975.

Campaign stars are worn for each campaign time period served in. I served during 3 campaign periods.
Vietnam Counteroffensive, Phase III (Army, Navy, USCG): from 1967-06-01 to 1968-01-29

Tet Counteroffensive (Army, USAF, Navy, USCG): from 1968-01-30 to 1968-04-01

Vietnam Counteroffensive, Phase IV (Army, Navy, USCG): from 1968-04-02 to 1968-06-30

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