Saturday, May 19, 2007

The stupid ideas of Ron Paul

On May 19 2007 12:14 AM, billb wrote:

I've seen the claim that Ron Paul has some good ideas and also has some really stupid ideas. He does have a lot of extreme ideas, but I'm not so sure about the stupid part.

There really is a huge difference between a really stupid idea and an idea that's outside the mainstream of thinking. If you read his issues page, most his ideas are really just centered around the basic idea of a smaller government.

Abolishing the IRS isn't one of his goals, it's just something that would occur naturally if we really want to achieve the goals of a smaller, less intrusive government. It's a rational way to achieve rational goals.

You might not agree with his goal of a smaller, less intrusive government, but that doesn't mean the goal is based on stupid ideas or that it's an unachievable goal.

It's not a stupid idea at all to abolish the IRS. It would be difficult, and would have to be implemented over a long period of time, and would require new government taxing institutions to replace it, but getting rid of personal income tax and the IRS is a pretty good idea.

The IRS is very intrusive and is a tool that Congress overuses for really stupid attempts at social engineering. Government tax collection should be about collecting revenue to operate the government, not a tool to encourage the preferred social behavior of the day. It's not the governments place to encourage marriage or home ownership or church membership or any of the other social behaviors that the government uses the IRS to encourage.

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