Friday, May 18, 2007

Walter Reed needs more than a change in top management

Joan Baez doesn't "fit".
In a letter to The Washington Post published Wednesday, she said rocker John Mellencamp had asked her to perform with him last Friday and that she accepted his invitation.

"I have always been an advocate for nonviolence and I have stood as firmly against the Iraq war as I did the Vietnam War 40 years ago," she wrote. "I realize now that I might have contributed to a better welcome home for those soldiers fresh from Vietnam. Maybe that's why I didn't hesitate to accept the invitation to sing for those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. In the end, four days before the concert, I was not 'approved' by the Army to take part. Strange irony."

Has Bush managed to make every single employee of the federal government completely incompetent? That's a hell of an acheivement to have been able to replace every single competent federal employee with Regent Law School grads.


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