Friday, May 18, 2007

Police can't be trusted

One of the reasons I have a tendency to never take anything a cop says at face value is that they've shown time and time again that they simply can't be trusted.

One of the reasons the drug business is a violent business is that police tend to prey on drug dealers.
A former Memphis police officer pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiring with informants to rob drug dealers and to lying to federal authorities in the Tarnished Blue police corruption investigation.
Orlando Hebron, 36, an officer since 1995, was arrested by the FBI in January, two months after authorities said he and an informant drove to the Budget Mini-Storage at 3417 Fontaine to burglarize a storage unit supposedly used by a drug dealer.

The informant came out with $9,800 in marked bills and four pounds of simulated cocaine they split at a motel in Mississippi.
He admitted later lying to FBI agents who questioned him about the incident.

In a plea agreement filed Thursday, Hebron agreed to a two-year prison sentence that a judge will consider accepting on Aug. 20.

I don't buy the one bad apple theory. This cop, like so many others like him, wasn't busted by cops who knew him. He was busted by an independent agency. The people that worked with him everyday and the people that supervised him simply ignored any signs that they might have seen to suggest they guy was a thug and a crook. That's a rotten barrel, not a rotten apple.

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