Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another cop who likes little girls

This one beat up his wife, got away with it, then had sex with a 14 year old runaway.

Truely America's finest.
The victim’s mother called police on June 16 to report her (14 year old) daugther had run away, a statement by Lt. Andrew Kaho said in a Delta Democrat Times article. Roberson responded to the call and, after finding the girl, took her to the department for booking. A youth court judge ordered her released to her parents.

Kaho said the girl’s mother and police investigators were in Jackson on Tuesday to interview the child, who was at Brentwood Treatment Center.

The girl told investigators that Roberson had sex with her on the ride to her house, the statement said.

When questioned, Roberson said he had consensual sex with the girl, Kaho said. The girl is too young to consent to sex under state law.

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