Friday, August 03, 2007

Stun gun kills

Sometimes non-lethal force is somewhat lethal. Here's the part I found interesting
Bystanders said officers from Birmingham's South Precinct and the University of Alabama at Birmingham were on the scene to confront a man.

Witnesses said the man was sitting on the corner and wore little clothing. He was told by police to stay down, but kept getting up.

Birmingham homicide detective Sgt. Corey Hardiman said police had drawn stun guns.

They were on the scene to confront?

Rather than confrontation being a tool to acheive some objective it's the objective itself? That's what the story says. And it's written by someone who actually makes a living writing stuff.

I don't know.


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Blogger Frankie Muhammad said...

Stun Guns are non-lethal weapons. They allow police to start criminals without leaving any permanent damage. I think they should be allow to use them. As long as they are properly trained

4:33 PM  

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